Bon in Moscow

The Bon restaurant in Moscow – 4/4 Yakimanskaya Nab., Bldg 1 – is seen by the press as the temple of any imaginable excess. Its designer himself, the master of style Philippe Starck, describe it as “dark shrine to the Moscow excesses of sex, violence and food”.

The atmosphere is almost the same as in many Italian churches of Florence or Venice for example. Of course except some details that make Bon really special…


Graffiti on the waxed concrete walls remind us that we are not exactly in a church: “kicked him in the teeth”, “I’ll break your neck”, even “murder” wrote in the bathroom, and many others, not only in english.

Chic and dark decoration creates a very pleasant atmosphere, with a delicious dose of extravagance and a touch of sin, ideal to enjoy a fine dinner in good company. Sometimes special events are organized, like fashion shows, which make the evening even more interesting.

Dominant colors are black and gold, like the lampshade made of Kalashnikov, arranged on the black lacquered furniture, which offers an agreable subdued light.

Waxed concrete walls bring also variances of grey; this modern material, like glass and steel which are also used in Bon, contrasts with the renaissance style of the candelabras covered with melted wax, some figurative paintings, huge crystal chandeliers, and so on.

A sacrilege for some people, a miracle for others. Bon excites all the sense, gives an intense emotion, shows that a restaurant can be much more than just a place where you can have a dinner.

Philippe Starck created in Bon in 2006 a very fine and harmonious interior, designed by combining two very different styles, that were thought completely immiscible.

Whether we like it or not, the result is outstanding. A must for design enthusiasts passing through Moscow.

by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel

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