The K’nex game as architectonic connection system


As architects (or not), we always remember with emotion our first construction game… Meccano, Lego, Lego Technic,… There was also K’nex, maybe a little bit less famous than the others, but with an interesting connection system.

Just clip a stick in a blug, with a little pressure on the stick, and voilà!

All the caracteristics of the game pieces could be used also in Architecture.

The mass production of the pieces allows a low cost of production.
Fifteen different pieces give thousands of composition possibilities.
Their assembling is fast, easy and strong, and it is also very easy to disassemble.
Even big, a structure has a light weight, and a good mechanical resistance.

One of the greatest interest is to make 3D models, thanks to some holes in the pieces or certain special connectors.

Of course it is also possible, and even very simple, to dissamble the construction, transport the pieces and re-use them in another construction – a new one or just for an extension.

Why not explore the possibility of using this system to design the skeleton of a pre-fabricated house? It could be a very effective system, also on a large scale.

Sometimes the greatest discoveries that we are looking for are just under our eyes, in small details, maybe hidden in old memories of a seemingly trivial game.

Let us not allow these small details escape from our attention and our curiosity, we have to look over the answers to our questions.

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by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel

K'nex game as structural system


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