The Tree Tower


To design an observation tower in a forest, it is important to carefully consider the place where it will take place.

One of the most important point of the construction of this tower is to not disturb or alter the existing trees. Therefore the most adapted structure had to be organic, flexible, alive… Not just a big concrete pilaster.

The Tree Tower is simply designed with levels, which are carefully hanging on the trees. The real structure of the tower are the trees themselves. Each level is developed around a tree and is completely and lightly sustained by it with a large belt.

A simple stairway, made by wood steps and steel cables, link each level to another in a very limber and light way. The levels are made with planks of raw wood, and also through this, a visitor feel always completely into the nature. He can enjoy the 360 degree view, subtly blurred by the presence of some limbs and leaves around him. This tower seems to have grown up together with the woods.

Nature is life, life is movement. Since the trees move, the structure of the tower has to be relatively flexible. Through this motion, the visitor won’t just enjoy a panoramic view, but he will also live a real experience; a trip through the colors, the textures, the noises and the smells of the trees, changing with the seasons.

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Credit rendering: Quentin Perchais

by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel


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