Put all of Venice in your smartphone

Its name is “Visualizing Venice”: The IUAV (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia – School of Architecture of Venice), in collaboration with the prestigious Duke University (North Carolina), announces at the VIU / Venice International University an ambitious project, which aims to leverage new technologies for the humanities, for cultural heritage, and for the conservation of the lagoon.

Conceived in 2009, the applied research project Visualizing Venice is about to launch a three-year initiative to create prototype applications for smartphones and tablets that tell the story of the city’s architectural and artistic heritage in three dimensions over time.

The project will gather in the lagoon the best researchers of the world to start new experiments and to teach scholars from different countries new approaches to the study of the processes of city transformation.

Three years of workshop activities and the opening of a laboratory are therefore about to begin. The workshops will be based on the island of San Servolo.  The first session is from June 4 to 15, 2012, led by VIU professor Giorgio Gianighian and Duke professors Mark Olson and Victoria Szabo.

Professors, young researchers and students are invited to participate in the workshop.  Regarding the headquarters, “it’s the most appropriate”, says Donatella Calabi, Vice Rector of the IUAV and coordinator of the Research Unit, “a place deeply Venetian and, at the same time, completely international.”

Digital prototypes will be created to describe the changing city in a manner intriguing to a range of audiences — the specialist and the tourist, the citizen and the migrant, adults and children – focusing on the evolution of architectures, squares, streets, and canals of the lagoonar city.

Fifteen students from all over the world will be selected to participate in the intensive June workshop, which will focus on the city’s cistern system in order to tell the story of Venice’s long struggle to supply its inhabitants a reliable water supply.

The IUAV research unit “Memoria e rappresentazione della città” (“Memories and Representations of the City”), coordinated by Donatella Calabi (with Francesca Castellani, Isabella Di Lenardo, Alessandra Ferrighi, Ludovica Galeazzo, Mauro Perosin, Ines Tolic, Guido Zucconi), works on the “Visualizing Venice” project in collaboration with the University of Padua (Andrea Giordano, Gianmario Guidarelli, Cosimo Monteleone and Elena Svalduz),  with Nesting Scrl (Mattia Grosso),and with Duke University (Caroline Bruzelius, Rachael Brady, Alexandra Dodson, Mark Olson, Erica Sherman, Victoria Szabo and Joseph Williams).

by Prof. Elena Svalduz

Put all Venice in your smartphone


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