The Beginnings of Zaha Hadid


The Iranian-British Archistar Zaha Hadid, at the time professor at the Architectural Association School of London, is known for her original and nonconformist designs with distorted facades.

Her buildings, like for example the hebraic museum in Berlin of Daniel Libeskind or the Walt Disney Concert Hall of Frank O. Gehry, become habitable sculptures.

Also this building, started in 1986 and finished in 1993, at the corner of the Stresemann Strasse and the Dessauer Strasse in Berlin has this characteristic. The architect used brilliantly inclinated surfaces, which give an impression of motion when we change point of view.

The building of eight levels is covered by metallic panels, of the same color as copper, that create a very nice silky effect, very fashionable nowadays, 15 years after the edification of this building of Zaha Hadid.

An innovative solution that combines residential, commercial and social elements within a unique structure!

credits: Zaha Hadid Architects

by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel


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