Potsdamer Platz, Debis-Haus – 9/17

The administrative Headquarters of the society of services debis takes place on a large lot. It is composed by a tower visible also from very far away thanks to its hight – 106 meters, the 7th most high building of Berlin – but also to its two long wings. Between these wings was designed a very large atrium ( 90 m. x 14 m. ; 33 m. high).

The buildings, also these designed by archistar Renzo Piano between 1993 and 1997, are covered by terracotta panels – color ocher -, but the tower is caracterized by its enormous glass facade, on the canal.

To describe the debis center, we could get inspired by the song of Frank Sinatra and say: “tall and tan, and young and lovely“.

credit photo: steadte, citysam, wikimedia

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by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel


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