Potsdamer Platz, Renzo Piano Tower – 11/17

The skyscrapers in the front of the Potsdamer Platz, with the debis-Haus on the Landwehrkanal, create an important reference in the urban landscape of Berlin, being different to the rest of the suburbs.

The building of 18 levels of Renzo Piano and Kohlbecker was designed on a triangle-shaped lot between the Alte Potsdamer Strasse and the the new parking. It is one of the most representative buildings of the suburb.

Like the one of the debis-Haus, the facade of this tower is covered by terracotta elements, color ocher.

The particularity of this building is the sharp angle which is actually detached from the ground, underlined by the glass facade, where the entrance takes place.

Designed in 1993, this tower was built in 1999.

credit photo: stadtentwicklung.berlin, caboruivo, potsdamerplatz.de, abcn

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by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel


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