Potsdamer Platz, Building for various uses – 12/17

The three buildings for commercial activities, residences and offices take place along the Linkstrasse; having e futuristic aspect. The architect, Sir Richard Rogers, is known especially for the Centre Pompidou (Paris, 1971-1977), designed with Renzo Piano. Both architects, after having ultimate the museum building, have developed their careers separately and have meet again just for the design of the Daimler-Chrysler lot.

The three buildings have a total of around 60.000 square meters, with both constructions for offices and the commercial spaces for small shops and a third one with 3 levels for shops, together with 72 apartments for residential use. The use of mixed spaces, offices, residences, commercial activities all together, represent one of the principal aspects which caracterize the final program of Renzo Piano. In fact, the contest’s idea was to dedicate 40% of the total surface for offices, 20% for residences and the rest for commercial activities. One of the principal goals of the design was however to create innovative buildings with a high comfort and high standing for the user.

For each of all three constructions, the total surface is 55×53 meters; developed on 7 levels over the ground (37 meters high).

A great aspect of the originality of the design of theses buildings is the glass cylinders, put on the angles, including the scales.

 credit photo: digilander, galinsky, architettura viaggi, berlinenligne, e-architect

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by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel


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