Potsdamer Platz, Delbrueck Haus – 16/17

Delbrueck Haus big

The construction for offices, residences and commercial activities on the Potsdamer Platz, on the corner of the Elbertstrasse, designed by architect Hans Kollhoff between 2000 and 2003, creates together with other buildings of the Potsdamer Platz a urban square. The geometry of the plan comes from the overlap of the shape of the building and the tracing of the Fernbahnstrasse.

With the facade on the square – south facade – with a narrow edge, the tower rises with its 17 levels, from the base with 8 floors. The main entrance overlooks the Potsdamer Platz. On the ground floor, some shops, restaurants and bars are provided.

The offices are provided in the base of 8 floors and in the tower (from the first to the 11th level and from the 15th to the 16th level), and the flats take place from the 12th level to the 14th level.

White granite was used for the facade. The cabins of the elevators are covered by a natural stone, the Roman travertine. The external doors and the windows on the ground floor and on the first floor are equipped with stainless steel panels. On the upper levels, the window is double, with intermediate schade and the opening external windows are realized with the aluminum structure and with wood inside.

The underground parking is accessible from the north/south side. This two-storey parking has places for cars and for bicycles, but also for the service rooms, the sprinkler system, transformers, refrigeration, closets and deposits.

by Jean-Baptiste Hurstel

Delbrueck Haus

Credit Photo: hofmann-naturstein.com


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