Aesthetic of Unstable


It is difficult to establish value judgments about a building, without be influenced by factors of personal empathy. Much of the best known critics of architecture, in greater or lesser extent, have succumbed to these factors without thereby, decrease, one iota your analytical skills on certain work.

Aside parameters like functionality and construction techniques, the assessments that can be set on the aesthetics of architectural forms, for your benefit or not, are tinged with a personal touch.

For Lipps, “the architectural forms and the geometrical in general have a potentially a mechanical activity which stimulates analogs psychological reflexes in the observer”.

To echo of these concepts, I beg to differ about certain type of architecture that only stimulates undesirable effects when I assume the role of spectator. Cult of the noveltythe ugliness, or the constructive illogical, in recent years, succeed, building designs, simulating its own instability, generating negative stimuli, which go beyond the good or bad quality of the spaces contain.

Such is the case of Domek Krzywy mall built in Sopot, Poland, seeking to capture the attention starting from a facade that is “deflated”, creating an effect of fragility supreme. If the intention of highlighting the building about the rest of the constructions is based in showing it collapse, misaligned, causing a sense of risk in the viewer, rather than attempting to do so by proposing a better architecture, really do not understand the criteria.


More unlucky still is the Ripley Buiding built in Ontario, Canada, which seems on the verge of collapse product of the undesirable consequences of the action of an earthquake, design decision that should be considered at least unlucky taking into account the amount of situations real that endure thousands of people annually, by the action of these earthquakes.


Some works of Frank Gehry transit paths similar to those described in the previous cases, as the Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas, a building that resembles a giant crumpled glossy paper, which looks like an urban dispossession, more than a habitable sculpture, such as is characteristic of his work.


As will be apply these same criteria if they move to other arts? In music, proposing, the interpreters, that in the midst of a concert err notes to get attention. In a theater play, the actors misrepresenting the argument the screenplay, in literature would be placed misspellings ex profess to get attention, Hollywood horror films would be an almost perfect emulous, for this type of “construction”.

Surely horror movie lovers and worshipers of the unprejudiced novelty will see in me an anachronistic person and early senile. Maybe you’re right.

by Marcelo Gardinetti


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