One artist: Júlio Aires

Júlio Aires was born in Viseu, Portugal, in 1963.

His interest for culture in general and for visual arts in particular began when he was still very young. In fact, he participated in several cultural events in that city.

In the eighties, he entered in Cooperativa Árvore, at O’Porto. Later, he attended the Communication Design course at the College of Fine Arts of O’Porto University.

During his professional career, he developed several design projects. During his life path, he developed the taste for photography and attended a course in the Portuguese Institute of Photography, at O’Porto.

In recent years, he has been developing several photographic projects and some public exhibitions.

The Black & Light Project reflects his Lusitanian soul. He is profoundly influenced by the Architecture and the graphic effects caused by the light in the buildings. It’s in the architectonic minimalism and in the light sets that he searches for the concept of his images. In his photographic work, he searches for the perfect conjunction beetween geometry, texture, structure, plan and volume.

Julio Aires - Black & Light


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