From Ireland to Namibia, the charm of abandoned places

The incredible spell created by ghost towns or abandoned houses on the sea. The website BuzzFeed has gathered some of the most fascinating uninhabited places of the world, often so beautifully abandoned that they became major tourist attractions, in other cases not or not yet. A journey through history, architecture and games of the nature. Kerry Way

Ireland, an enchanting abandoned house on the Kerry Way, the route between Sneem and Kenmare.


Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Here one of the rests of the Olympic Games of 1984. This is the bobsleigh track, built in the mountains near the city, with tens of other structures (ski tracks, hotels, …) built in the early 1980s to receive the big sportive event. Unfortunately, most of it were destroyed during the war.


The abandoned Disneyland near Beijing, China, an amusement park started in 1998 with the dream to become the largest of Asia. The project was blocked after the retirement of fundings. Nevertheless, the structures hosts hundreds of visitors each year.


The ghost city of Pripyat, in Ukraine, near the border with Byelorussia. Once upon a time modern and functional city, before the accident of the nuclear plant of Chernobyl. Around the city extend kilometers of lands, contaminated by radioactive dust. The evacuated residents left any type of objects.


Cupola houses in Florida.


An abandoned refuge for fishermen in the Obersee, Bavaria, Germany.


One of the temples in the area of Angkor, Cambodia. The immense archaeological site near the city of Siem Reap became the symbol of the country.


Ruins of a monastery in the Black Forest, in the south west of Germany, between groves and picturesque villages.


The Maunsell Sea Forts are small platforms built during the WWII. They are called like this because of the English designer Guy Maunsell. This structure was used for one of the first pirate radios of England.


The Bodiam Castle, built in the sea during the XIV century, east from Sussex, in Great Britain, to protect the area from French invasions, during the Hundred Years War.


The deep valley of the mills of Sorrento, Italy. It was used in the 1900s to mill the grain of the local farmers.

Hafodunos Hall

Here is Hafodunos Hall, the Gothic house designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and built between 1861 and 1866. The elegant palace built near Llangerny, in the Wales, was victim of a fire in 2004.


An old distillery in the Barbados Islands, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


Craco, the old village near Matera, Italy, abandoned because of the frequent earthquakes.

North Brother Island

One of the abandoned buildings in the North Brother Island, New-York.


Abandoned Buildings in the suburbs of Keelong, near Taiwan, where takes place each year the festival of the ghosts, in Chinese “Chongyuan Chieh”


Lawndale Theater, Chicago.


Buzludja, the house of the Bulgarian Communist Party designed by architect Georgi Stoilov and inaugurated in 1981. Abandoned in 1991, it is one of the most important buildings of the story of Bulgaria.


An old cheminee abandoned in Asuncion, capital of Paraguay.


The “love tunnel”, crossed by a railway, is an example of natural architecture. Absorbed in the forest of Kleven, in Ukraine, its long around three kilometers.

Nara Dreamland

Nara Dreamland: an adventure park in Japan, built in 1961 and closed in 2006.


France, a charming abandoned mill.



Kolmanskop – Kolman’s hill – south of the Namib Desert. The ghost city was evactuated after the WWI and is now partly covered by the sand of the desert.

Holland Island

This is the last island of Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay, in Maryland, USA. Once upon a time it was an entire village, with 60 houses and a church; a population of 200-300 people. Everybody evacuated after the erosion of 1922.

Hotel del Salto

Hotel del Salto, in Colombia, built in 1928 near the imposing cascades of the Salto, Tequendama.



One thought on “From Ireland to Namibia, the charm of abandoned places

  1. For your information, the abandoned monastery in Germany was built in 1488 in small village called Hirsau, in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), south west of the country. A marvellous idea of road trip on small mountains roads for the passionated of architecture who live not far away!

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