” The exposure a half-length portrait, Which can be sent anywhere, is greater Than That of a statue of a God who has his permanent home in a temple.”
( Walter Benjamin )

Angelo Marino

Twenty years after his birth ,was 1991,”dirartecontemporanea” by Angelo Marino starts a new project; from physical space becomes immaterial place (“dirartecontemporanea 2.0” – virtual gallery) in which artists will be invited to create works to be set up on walls of this new communication platform. A futuristic way of live contemporary art,no geographical limitation and / or time, supported by video-interviews and close examination regarding the work of those involved


Entrance of dirartecontemporanea2.0

The start up of this new and futuristic project took place on the 6th of 0ctober 2012, the date in which it was presented a retrospective of the work of Max Coppeta, a young artist from Campania- Italy, titled: Max Coppeta / Visioni Transitorie – works 2001.2012. (http://www.dirartecontemporanea.eu/category/exibition/past/)

Room 4 Max

Room 4-Max Coppeta-detail, (http://www.dirartecontemporanea.eu/category/exibition/past/)

The adventure continues with Le mie voglie col Blu of MARIANO FILIPPETTA which opens May 16th from 8 pm and visited all over the world until July 10 via the website of the gallery. (www.dirartecontemporanea.eu)

Four photographs, eight works on paper, an installation on wall and a Haiku through which the Artist invites us to become part, substance and essence of His project “germinated” by an action done on a sea beach and it’s all about a rose and a colour . “…A project, maybe, alchemic for the tremor of an energetic force – the colour – able to transform and inject light to the colourless  dress of the life…” as Gianfranco Labrosciano writes in the text that goes with the exhibit.

Mariano Filippetta was born in 1964 in Frosinone where he lives and works.

His first artistic experiences converge in the first important solo exhibition in the “Galleria dei Banchi Nuovi” in Rome in the 1989 with the title “Primo Vere”. In 1992, he was invited from Achille Bonito Oliva to participate to “Imprimatur” an exhibition of international inedited artists in Milan, where in the same time the critic himself holds a conference on the state of the contemporary art at the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Brera. In the same years he works in Rome with the gallery “L’Attico” of Fabio Sargentini and participate to important collective exhibitions such as “Ritorno al mare – a tribute to PinoPascali” ( 1993) and “Magazzino” (1995) where his works will converse together to the works of  Fautrier, Duchamp, Burri, Nagasawa, Pistoletto, Pascali, Kounellis.

Filipetta image

In 2003 he produces a solo exhibition in collaboration with the gallery “L’Attico” of Rome with the title “L’amore, l’amore soltanto”. In the years 2005 and 2006 he works with the Marchetti gallery of Rome in Margutta road and he participates to different collective exhibition with works of artists such as Turcato, Schifano, Festa, Angeli. In these years he also collaborates with the “Associazione Culturale Antinoo” and participates to an important collective exhibition titled “Elogio al nero” a tribute to the work of the writer Marguerite Yourcenar, in this occasion it will be published an important monograph curated by the Documentation Centre “Marguerite Yourcenar” titled “L’Opera al nero e la sua alchimia attraverso le arti” for the Gallimard editions, in his intern it will be documented his work in a significant way. He participates to the review “Primaverile Argam” curated by the roman Association Gallery of Modern Art in collaboration with the Ministry of University and Research  In 2007 he produces a solo exhibition at the Department of Cultural Assets in Viterbo. In the 2011 he was invited from Vittorio Sgarbi to participate to the 54th edition of the the Venice Biennale. In the 2012 he’s relator in a conference on the unknown nine hundred held at the “Aranciera di San Sisto” under the auspices of the Cultural Heritage Organization with “Sedie e fiumi : il disordine dell’amore nelle estetiche del Novecento “. In 2013 in Cosenza he produces his solo exhibition “Il mare delle tue labbra” curated by Gianfranco Labrosciano at the cultural association  “Alt Art”. His work is documented in the archives of the MAXXI and of the National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome inside the collection “Artisti di fine millennio”.


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