Video of the week: Niggas in Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West

Video of the week 29

“Niggas in Paris”, by Jay-Z featuring Kanye West

As we already said here, Inspiration is everywhere. For this reason, an architect cannot limit his sources of inspiration only to some books at the library or some specialized website. Le Corbusier said, “the key is to look, see, imagine, invent, create“. We think he is right, an architect has to pay attention at anything that surrounds him, and that is the reason why we publish today, as video of the week, the video clip of the song “Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. We are not asking anyone to like this, nor this kind of music, but we do believe that it can be an excellent source of inspiration and mind opening for many readers. The two american rappers are proposing a different way to see the French capital and the song itself could give some energy to many students in the middle of the night

May this episode of the Video of the week make someone understand that architecture is everywhere, everything, at any time.

Explicit content. Some scenes and lyrics may be inappropriate.

ArchiTexts - Video of the week

Video directed by Lionel Hirlé and Grégory Ohrel

Buy the song on iTunes


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