Il Teatro del Mondo

Il Teatro del Mondo, in english the “Theater of the World”, also known as the “Venitian theater”, was designed by Aldo Rossi in 1979 for the Biennal of Venice in 1980.

Aldo Rossi analysis and condenses by numerous drawings the Venetian identity, his physical, geographical and architectural reality, but also his mythical reality. This “singular” construction, using the words of the architect, “derives from the technique and the history its own substance and its own image.” In this theater converge many references: primitive shrines of the Florentint proto-Renaissance, Renaissance theater, Elizabethan theater, lighthouse architecture and especially Venetian show of the eighteenth century, known for its floating buildings during Carnival – ephemeral scenes that were part the changing landscape of the city. In this way, the type of city that creates the script. This mobile theater becomes a fragment of urban history, almost metaphysical image that has to represent the architecture.

At a height of approximately 25 meters, consisting of a cube and topped with an octagon, it is made of steel rods and a timber casing. Between physical object and image, between large-scale model and drawing, this universal theater generates a reading disorder, representing the real in a sort of dreamlike meta-reality.

Installed at the Punta della Dogana, this ephemeral floating theater will travel through the adriatic sea to the Ex-Yugoslavia, accosting, among others, in Dubrovnik and in ancient Venitian colonies, and will finally be disassembled.



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