Philarmonic of Ekaterinburg

By Marcelo Gardinetti 

Instituted in iconic form on the surface of the river Iset, Ekaterinburg Philharmonic’s new raises a suggestive resolution program. Andrey Chuikov design proposes the irruption of the building over the water to release the ground along the river, which becomes part of the public promenade of the city. This implementation allows preserving the spatial conditions of the existing frame with the least possible disruption.

A bucket rotated about an imaginary horizontal axis supports one of its angles of the triangular base serving as support. The rotation angle is defined by the prevailing direction of the winds in the area, to avoid the increased airflow on public space. The rotation of the cube allows preserving the maximum height of 53 meters established by regulations, facilitating the collection of rain water for reuse.


The outer layer of Figure consists of a three-dimensional structure that can absorb structural stress, giving expression to volume. A ramp system establishes links between the building and the small square created in the pedestrian area. Ample space to street level provides the access point to the building. At the top, where the cube reaches the largest area of ​​floor, there is the main hall, linked to the hall for circulatory nucleus located at the opposite end in a space of four heights. In these four levels are developed successively: the wardrobe, cafeteria, canteen, production rooms and dressing rooms for artists. At the top of the room are located the engineering and technological equipment of the room. Below the access are located services and parking.


The building’s location provides for the installation of alternative energy systems, such as planting buoys with magnets on the surface of the water to produce electricity. The cavities of the structure will be used to combat the cold and heat, placing in liquid nitrogen to prevent overheating summer   and circulating air at 20 º in winter to face the cold, inclement protecting the 24,700 square meters of the whole.

The building of Ekaterinburg Philharmonic is shown as a successful intervention in a particular public space. The release of the pedestrian and the low impact of the inclusion of the volume on the water surface are complemented by a simple form design destined to transform into a reference element in the skyline.


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