Transcendent by unnoticed

Maritime Museum of Denmark, BIG


Sometimes to be important in a place is necessary to pass unnoticed. This formulation is meant discordant, is the preliminary concept employed by BIG to design new Danish Maritime Museum. A premise that nurtures new uses traditional space of the city without altering the skyline established in the collective memory of its citizens.

The museum is housed in an old pier preserved as dry dock, located in an area dominated by Kronborg Castle, one of the most important buildings in Denmark and the place where happens Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The decision to excavate the museum on the faces of the dam will reshape the historic pier as a space for outdoor exhibitions and cultural events. In this way part of the collective circuit, but it manifests as an independent structure that enjoys of their own autonomy.

A pedestrian bridge connects the sides of the pier to facilitate smooth transit of cultural circuit. Another bridge defined by a zigzag structure makes access. This entity externalized a character sculptural and is formulated as a ramp to consent an income soft and participatory. The sloping floor exhibition area allows visitors to tour the building as they descend into a spiral. Underneath, the base of the pier creates a plane of association favoring the museum space along its length.

BIG prevents complete dry dock with the museum and it reformulates fostering a vacuum which is incorporated space for public use of the city as a site for exhibitions and underground building anteroom. This partnership adds value idle structure without altering in any way the character of the site. In this way asserts the axiom statement: go unnoticed, sometimes it’s a good way to transcend.


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