Festhalle on Constance Lake

Along the Nonnenbach river, near the city hall will be situated the new Festhalle – festival hall – of Kressbronn, on the Constance Lake.

Thanks to its large openings on the site, the Festhalle allows a good vision of the surroundings and natural illumination.

Festhalle Kressbronn

With the sawtooth roof, that allows to put photovoltaic panels (south) and soft natural illumination (north), the buildings is nicely integrated in the surrounding: not too fancy, not too flat.

Festhalle Kressbronn

The facade adds some serious look to the building with its vertical thin sticks done with light warm grey, almost beige, wood. The entrance and the openings, according to the sawtooth roof, are structuring the hall.

Festhalle Kressbronn

All other openings are hidden beyond the wood sticks, creatings light effects during the night.

_   _   _   _

Architects: SPREEN ARCHITEKTEN, Munich (D)

Start: 10/2011

End: 05/2013

Type: City hall, Events hall, party hall

_   _   _   _

Pictures by Stefan Müller-Naumann


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