Harbin Cultural Island

An atoll for culture. Surrounded by wetlands of the Songhua River, Harbin Cultural Island is the leading container buildings of the Grand Theatre and the Recreation Center Harbin, artificial plan which endorses natural geography mimicking the natural shape of the coast of the river located off the island.


Seagram: Union of Building and Landscape

Essay: Phyllis Lambert Seagram: Union of Building and Landscape Seagram building plaza panorama, looking south from the first setback of 399 Park Avenue, 2010. [Photo © Richard Pare, courtesy of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal] What led Mies to create the union of skyscraper and plaza on Park Avenue, a binding together so profoundly…

The Shard: A Skyscraper For Our Post-9/11 World?

  The Shard, by Renzo Piano, towers over the London skyline. When the Twin Towers came down 11 years ago (almost to the day), the world was struck numb. Even New Yorkers, who felt the trauma rumble through their veins, couldn’t get past the initial disbelief: how can this be happening? How can something so big, so invincible,actually be so vulnerable?…