Harbin Cultural Island

An atoll for culture. Surrounded by wetlands of the Songhua River, Harbin Cultural Island is the leading container buildings of the Grand Theatre and the Recreation Center Harbin, artificial plan which endorses natural geography mimicking the natural shape of the coast of the river located off the island.


White Box

Video of the week Production : TANGRAM co. ltd. Director : Makoto Yabuki Camera : Masashi Sasaki Music : Takaya Murakami “It is a work made as the visual identity of architects office Sturdy Style. Their corporate identity is home creating without stereotype. The architect faces the white box symbolizing a home, and designs harmony…

Festhalle on Constance Lake

Along the Nonnenbach river, near the city hall will be situated the new Festhalle – festival hall – of Kressbronn, on the Constance Lake. Thanks to its large openings on the site, the Festhalle allows a good vision of the surroundings and natural illumination. With the sawtooth roof, that allows to put photovoltaic panels (south)…