BIG | al Sowwah Island Bridges | Abu Dhabi

“Situated between the existing downtown of Al Reem Island, al Sowwah Island will be the new Central Business District of Abu Dhabi. The island will become not only an urban center, but also a main connector between surrounding existing and new developments. A total of 11 new bridges will connect to the neighboring urban areas, integrating all forms of transportation, road, rail and pedestrian passages. The design challenge of the Sowwah Island Bridge is not to create the longest span, the most acrobatic structure or yet another icon on the skyline. It is about urban connectivity. How can we create a distinct and recognizable bridge design that makes Sowwah Island a truly integrated part of the urban texture of Abu Dhabi? The central location calls for a design that promotes pedestrian traffic and offers new recreational spaces in the middle of the dense vibrant urban context. We propose to lie the bridges together in a new kind of urban space, an infrastructure optimized for the public life. The bridges are designed as programmed crossings with shaded promenades, waterfront restaurants and spaces for outdoor activites, creating an attractive destination in the city rather than an obstacle.”

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Type: Invited Competition; Status: Idea; Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Andreas Klok Pedersen; Project Leader: Doug A. Stechschulte

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sib hatch

Description from the website of Bjarke Ingels Group


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